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    NCR: National Coffee Roasters

    Small Batch Coffee Roasting

    NCR's Famous In-House Coffee Brands!

    Available from Bulk to Frac and everything in between!

    Grounds & Hounds

    Our Purpose is for 20% of all proceeds received by Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. will be donated to our rescue partner located closest to you. We strive to support the hard- working rescue organizations in your community with funds generated by your purchase, which will help give our sheltered friends the second-chance that they deserve.

    Our passion for rescuing dogs is only rivaled by our passion for creating the perfect coffee. Our green coffee is 100% fair trade and organic certified, and it is carefully sourced from the best growing regions in the world. We then roast and blend each batch to ensure that you have an amazing experience every time you brew your own cup of Grounds & Hounds coffee.

    Peoples Organic

    Peoples Organic Coffee takes an alternative approach to coffee using Fair Trade Organic beans because we are dedicated to supporting the sustainability of the earth and its people. Worldwide millions of people are involved in the growing of coffee. We believe it is essential a link be made between the crop, the growers and you. Through third party auditing, you are assured the growers receive a fair and just compensation for their labors and that our coffees are certified organic.

    Cafe Classics Coffee

    National Coffee Roasters is dedicated to sourcing, roasting and brewing the finest coffees from plantations and co-ops around the globe. Only 100% Arabica beans meet our standards for our slow roasted, air-cooled coffee.

    Café Classics is Coffeehouse Perfection. We are committed to our quality and your satisfaction. And although we take our coffees very seriously (and sometimes with cream and sugar) we do have fun doing what we do: bringing you the absolute highest quality and freshest roasted coffee.

    Donut Shop Classics

    Take your customers back to classic times and great coffee with our Donut Shop brand of gourmet coffee. A timeless classic, Donut Shop Brand is a throwback to yesterdays Donut Shop coffees…fresh brewed and delicious. Come back with us to simpler times and savor the distinct flavor and aroma of this coffee. Full bodied and robust, with a smooth finish, Donut Shop Classics is a coffee you can enjoy cup after cup. Enjoy the nostalgia with family and friends. Perfect to get your day started with selections for every taste.

    NCR's Private Label Coffee Services

    Add National Marketing & Branding Experts to Your Team!

    Our premier roasting partner has the knowledge and has been small batch roasting for a combined 45 years of experience. We have the capability to match your quality specifications. We’re proud of what we do and are dedicated to providing the richest aromatic and flavorful coffee for your enjoyment.

    Why National Coffee Roasters?

    A Roastery that does it all.

    Over 45 Years of Experience

    Over 45 years roasting, sales, service and operations. Our expert cuppers can match blends and profiles to existing specifications for easier transitions

    A Variety of Coffee Options

    NCR has what you are looking for: origins, exotics, blends, flavors, fair trade organics, decaf, whole bean, pods, frac pack, vending, in-room and espresso.

    Branding & Private Label Experts

    National Coffee Roasters are private label experts with national branding and marketing services.

    Competitive Pricing

    C-Market basis and NCR contract pricing available.

    NCR Produces “The Finest Coffee in America”

    We have the ability to match your quality specifications. We’re proud of what we do and are dedicated to providing the richest aromatic and flavorful coffee for your enjoyment.

    You Keep Control Over Your Company

    National Coffee Roasters is a unique concept in the industry. In the end you, the customer, have control of your coffee program. From marketing, to pricing, to quality control. We will work with you every step of the way.

    Pursuers of Coffee Perfection

    Roasting coffee is an art form and we continually challenge ourselves to perfect our craft. Our coffees are artisan roasted, air cooled and hand packed immediately after roasting to ensure freshness. Our 100% Arabica beans are carefully selected and purchased directly from plantations around the world. We have been buying, grading, roasting and cupping for 45 years. The result is “The Finest Coffee in America” awarded by the Fine Food and Beverage Federation.

    Please fill out the from to receive manufacture prices in your area. 

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