RealCup - The Sustainable Office Coffee Solution

RealCup® is the Most Convenient Eco-Friendly K-Cup* Manufacturer on the Market

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Experience the Eco office coffee solution. Try it for yourself!

    Available in Flavors & Brands You Already Love

    A Smarter Office Coffee Option without Compromising Taste

    Need A Single Serve Coffee Brewer for the Office?

    The RC-400 works with RealCup®!

    RealCup® EcoCup™ Single Serve Capsules are Easy to Recycle

    RealCup® is the Most Convenient Eco-Friendly K-Cup* Manufacturer on the Market

    Step 1

    Allow the RealCup® capsule to cool down.

    Pull RealCup Filter Out

    Step 2

    Locate arrow on side of capsule and CLICK the tab directly above. Then peel filter away from capsule.

    RealCup is Easy to Recycle

    Step 3

    Place lid and filter in garbage, coffee in compost (where available) and capsule in a blue bin to RECYCLE.

    Superior Flavor Versus Conventional Capsules

    A Smarter Single Serve Office Coffee Option without Compromising Taste

    What makes Your Single Serve Coffee Capsule Taste Better?

    RealCup® single serve cup capsules produces a great quality brew in a minute or less. Unlike other single serve coffee capsules who use conventional paper filters, RealCup® uses FlavorMax™ technology which allows the coffee’s natural flavors and oils to pass through resulting in a better coffee experience.

    Slow Brewed French Press vs. RealCup® Capsules

    Coffee connoisseurs prefer to use french press coffee makers because of the rich flavor it produces. RealCup® produces the same dark and full bodied results in just a couple of seconds.

    *Compatible with Keurig® original K-Cup® coffeemakers. Keurig® and K-Cup® are registered trademarks of Keurig, Inc. Neither RealCup® or EcoCup™ nor any of the RealCup® licensed brands are affiliated in any way with Keurig, Inc.

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