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    The Vitro S5

    Delicious Bean to Cup Office Coffee Options

    Vitro S5 Technical Specifications

    A Delicious & Smart Office Coffee Solution
    Coffee Options

    Easy to Program & Maintain

    All Vitro models have USB connectivity as standard that can be used to copy and paste programs and accounting reports with ease. In addition, programming and set-up are very easy thanks to its keypad with display integrated into the door. The technology used by Vitro has proven reliability and durability; it is widely recognized in the demanding British market and will help you to reduce maintenance costs and increase the life of the machine.  

    Accessories to Adapt Vitro to Your Business Model

    Designed to make your operations more profitable, we have developed a complete range of accessories that let you adapt Vitro to your business model.

    Among the most popular accessories are:

    – Stand: Sturdy and elegant, it is available with or without a cup dispenser.
    – Change-giver: For use in payment per service mode
    – Cup-warmer: Perfect for maintaining the temperature of drinks in cups.
    – Coffee Corner: An incredible case for providing a coffee vending service in places as varied as petrol stations and shops.

    Drinks that Surprise you with their Body, Aroma & Flavor

    Vitro has been developed to serve high quality hot drinks at the touch of a button. The range incorporates and combines Azkoyen and Coffetek hot beverage production technology, from real, aromatic espresso coffee to delicious tea infusions brewed from real tea leaves. Make your drink bigger at the press of a button. The Vitro series has a “Go large” function to make larger, coffee-shop-sized beverages.

    The Vitale S

    Customizable options to fit your business model

    Vitale S Technical Specifications

    A Delicious & Smart Office Coffee Solution
    Coffee Options
    Optional POS

    Designed to Make Maintenance Extremely Easy!

    – Easy to re-stock coffee and soluble product.
    – Easy to refill the water tank.
    – Easy to empty the waste tray.
    – Error diagnosis system.
    – Anti-limescale filter that extends the useful life of the machine.

    All of Azkoyen’s Experience in the World of Coffee.

    Enjoy Azkoyen’s 20-years of experience in the world of coffee services in hotels, catering and vending, with a machine that incorporates the same high-quality components as our top performing professional machines.

    An Espresso Coffee to Enjoy with the Five Senses.

    With Vitale you will notice the perfect balance between cream, aroma and flavour from the first to the last cup, because the machine achieves an ideal distribution temperature from the very first services.

    There are up to 7 different product selections: small coffee, large coffee, espresso, with milk, cappuccino, hot chocolate and chocolate milk. The instant version has a decaffeinated option and hot water for optional tea infusions.

    The machine includes a Brita anti-limescale AquaAroma filter as standard, guaranteeing coffee made with purified water and no strange flavors.

    Adapts to Your Business Model

    Vitale S was designed to adapt to different business models, with several function modes and an extensive accessories catalog. Adapt the function mode to your business model:
    – Free sale
    – Exact price with validator
    – MDB change-giver
    – Cashless systems (key, card)

    Ensures your profitability

    With the Proxy Card Kit you could avoid unnecessary movements and guarantee the profitability of your business:
    – Configure each service in grams.
    – Send the product to the client along with an “Activation” card
    – The client reloads the machine chutes with your product
    – The client activates the limit of services for the provided product with the card.
    If the machine is loaded with product from a different source, the machine will be blocked upon reaching the limit of services programmed on the proxy card.

    A wide range of accessories to suit your business model

    Vitale S has been designed to suit different operational business models by offering a myriad of functioning modes and accessories:
    – Free-vend.
    – Exact price with validator.
    – MDB change giver.
    – Cashless systems (key, card..).
    – Proxy Product recharge card. Resets machine once present ingredient thresholds have
    been reached.

    Reliable with High Quality Components

    Enjoy Azkoyen’s 25-year experience in the world of coffee services in hotels, catering and vending, with a machine that incorporates the same robust components as those developed for the professional operating market. No limit of services per day that affects the guarantee of Vitale S.

    Please fill out the from to receive manufacture prices in your area. 

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